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What fun! Wish I had a Wii!
Oh what fun! For a while I really thought your MC was on a LIVE cow, and wondered where in the world...

Then it all became clear. LOL I do hope Tommy Wii Mii is up and back at it soon.
I don't Wii, so I didn't get it until the end, but I enjoyed it, despite wondering who in the world would want to race cows. :)
Your clever story made me wish for a wii. Your title works just right.
for me, it started coming together with the scarecrows ;-) lol, fun stuff! and a good underlying lesson in humility :-)
What an imagination! I have not done Wii either, but it sure sounds like fun!
Oh, wow! You got me--not until right at the end did I get it! Very funny and clever! I was also trying to figure out how a cow could race. ( :
Such a fun entry! I didn't get it until the very end..great job!
I am also Wii-less, but I always enjoy aha moments at the end. Very creative take on the topic, and quite fun to read;)
I think I was just about beginning to work it out before the end. At one point I thought the MC might be mounting a rodeo bull. Fun read. Thanks - Colin
I want a Wii! I want a Wii!
Congratulations on placing in your level! Great job!