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A very good description of how a writer feels when having his work critiqued in an unexciting way. The let-down is truly an "ow". Well done!
A good lesson for us writers, "A little more 'wow' and less 'ow'" Love it!

I felt you were writing about me, and you haven't seen my manuscript--totally OW! (for now) Keep up the good work. ^_^
WOW! I felt that "OW" myself! Felt like I was right there.
I really enjoyed your story. The "ow" instead of "oh" made me laugh out loud.

The "wrapper opening" was brilliant. Hope you can use the idea some time.
Oh, how we can all relate to that "ow"! Great creativity, and I loved the dry encouragement at the end.
I really liked this. We can all identify with this character.Well done.
Good insight on how we get wrapped in our writing and forget to be objective.
Oh, I can relate to this! Inspiration can appear in the strangest places, can't it? But I think the REALLY hard part will be for him to think of a story that justifies that incredible opening paragraph... :)
Good job of being creative with the topic. You've written something that would have any writer nodding in agreement.
Yes, I like the manuscript's second lead sentence better, too.
Definitely an "ow" we've all felt at one time or another as writers. Good job of letting the reader feel the frustrations of the MC in your writing. Keep writing . . . Pun intended. LOL