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What an accomplishment. All 120 colors. And during His work God takes a lunch break and eats mac 'n cheese--love it! Rejoicing in diversity the colors dance is wonderful. Do they still have blue-violet and violet-blue? If so I would've liked to see Him try to tell the difference or color a flower in with one and shade or outline with the other. Same with red-orange/orange-red or yellow-green/green-yellow. I enjoyed this very much.
Awesome acrostic...should be a winner.
The creativity and thought that had to have gone into this is incredible! Not only have you used all of the colors, but it made sense, AND THEN you were still able to make an acrostic!

Color me impressed.
Fantastic! Forget about
creation theology...I love your poetic tale of God creating the world in 6 days then having a coloring day!
I'm sure you made Him smile too:)
Amazing! This is a brilliant piece of writing. Very well done!!
Wow, very creative... what a challenge you took on (with 120 color names!) Very, very good!
This gave me a picture of God with colours coming out of his ears. Got to get double points for topic.

Fun read - Thanks - Colin
Very creative. Loved the acrostic and the way you worked all the delightfully descriptive colors into your poem.
MMMMMM Mauvelous and jazzberry jam are just a couple of my favorite words in your delightful poem. This was such fun to read and surely must have been fun to write.
Brilliant - and I'm not just referring to all the colours!
Beyond my amazement that you created such a colorful entry, complete with a secret message running down the verses is that you wrote it in a week or less. You have unbelievable talent!
A remarkable bit of poetic craftsmanship!

Quality work.
i'm not a poet, but this is beautiful. lots of creativity went into this. i salute you and praise the lord.
Nice. That took a lot of creative thinking and I love love LOVE the title. : )
The title is awesome! and perfect for this fun poem. I loved when God laughed at the idea that coloring his creation was work. Marvelously creative, and a delight to the eyes. ;) Cat
WHOA! This was amazing. This took an incredible amount of thought and work...awesome!
I'm going to feature this in the Front Page Showcase for the week of January 17. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home Page--and congratulations!