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Very skilful. 3 aabb quatrains and a triplet at the end. Meets the subject requirements nicely. No sure what could be improved because this kind of structured poetry is not normally my thing. Nice writing.
I enjoyed this poem of colors very much. Even the names of the colors sound pretty, in addition to the pictures they paint.
You have some wonderful, vivd phrases. I love "confluence of color" and "the strawberry red and the blueberry blue came together to make deep purple grapes" Creative work and a good message.
I enjoy how you have given life and purpose to all these colours. Provocative and light at the same time.

Excellent poem, I think we were on the same wavelength this round :). I really appreciate the sequence and lyrical nature of the poem! Great work!
A very colourful and vivid rhyme, expertly written. Thanks! Colin
I can picture the color box being dumped out with eagerness.

I noticed you started with "my" and ended with "she". That confused me a bit.

I love the last stanza.
A fun poem! The bouncy rhythm fits it well.
Very good.
Magically awesome! The child in me was instantly rejuvenated with your flavorful descriptions of color. I am SO entrigued with the rainbow (God's bow in the sky)and seek out colorful photography! Also loooved your profile comment on your wife's "tilted halo" :)
I almost used "imperfect but saved by a God Who Is" for my signature!