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Amazing! So glad you are back (no pun intended). Very creative. Thanks so much for sharing this.
We usually think of his family's joy, and perhaps Lazarus's surprise...but you're right--how filthy those burial clothes must have seemed in his eyes! How difficult to once again walk through the difficult moments for the rest of his natural life...but, oh! What hope Lazarus had! What hope we have! Well done.
A very thought-provoking story. I've wondered how grateful Lazarus might have felt, having heard the laughter on the other side of his grave. But you have emphasised the strength of his hope, his personal proof, and of the impact of his testimony. All with a natural sense of credibility.
Very well written. Scripturally very inaccurate, everything you spoke of would happen AFTER Christ's resuurection, and the part about the Lion and the Lamb is still future. Hate to be a wet blanket but in case you are thinking of publishing, you have to check the facts. Keep writing.
I loved your descriptions of heaven here. As one who believes eternity is not defined by the human method of calculating time, I found your descriptions of heaven spot-on and lovely. The only thing that jolted me was a few modern phrases mixed in. Minor details in a wonderful take on the topic.
What a wonderful perspective! I don't think I've ever thought of that kind of reaction from Lazarus--totally believable. Because I feel time only exists for us in our world, the past/present/future thing just didn't bother me.
Fascinating to think about, for sure!
Very descriptive and real.
Great title! :) This has always been a fascinating story... and you breathed new life into this with your creative inspiration. I'm pleased to see this placed among the top in your level and in the top 40 overall. Congrats!

...and thank you for your encouragement on my entry. I apprciate it!