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Well done. I'll never look at the coloor of brown in quite the same way.
It's amazing what God can do with what we too easily give up on. Thanks for the reminder.
First of all cut wood is not brown, it turns brown or dark grey with age. Secondly I am totally offended that to you brown was not a color with any oomph as you put it. People of color whether they are African-Americans, Hispanics or from the Islands are various shades of brown and are quite lovely. I am glad that your faith has taken you to the cross, where Christ died for all, no matter what their color.
One of the nicest devotionals I've read here!
brown, beautifully done. once we open our eyes and hearts to the lord, everything becomes beautiful.
A very nice piece. Good descriptions,great tie ins,I had similar thoughts on California. I loved you brought us right through Jesus life, with brown.Blessings to you.
I'd never thought about that before, but you are right, I've never heard anyone say "brown" is their favorite color. (our home is mostly browns, too) :) This is beautiful writing!