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Oh, I did enjoy reading this! I could almost see the whole thing being played out in my imagination.

There was only one small typo, right near at the bottom, you have "here" instead of "her"; so easy to do when your fingers are flying :-)

I loved Mrs. Braunswitch, she is an entirely delightful character. Well done.
Was kind of cute, but not quite believeable, an orphanage in the woods that nobody knew about? The dialect was very good though, keep writing.
Charming children's tale.

I thought it fizzled a bit toward the end; perhaps you had one or two sentences too many. Resist the urge to summarize.

I think the "orphanage in the woods" is a cute idea if this is intended for children...lots of intrigue in that.
Love your writing style - great descriptions. Too bad you only had 750 words to tuck this into.
Patricia, I think your story is super creative. I especially liked the narrative thoughts interspresed in your story. Your names are clever in this, especially Mrs. M'lasses. :) ... made me smile!

...and thank you <3 for your comment and encouragement on my recent entry!
Oh this is truly delightful! I think this would make a wonderful children's book if expanded. I especially loved the realistic dialogue.