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Very imaginative, especially the part about the cross breeding of the fruit.
A very interesting and creative story - enjoyed!

Nice work. Even for science fiction of a sort, it had a very warm feeling throughout. You developed excellently descriptive verbiage throughout. Very good entry!
An interesting read! Enjoyed the story and the off-the-earth narratives.
This has a sweetness that's not often seen in science fiction.

I felt a little bit of a fizzle here; there's just not much that happens. Sci fi usually features a bit more conflict.

Love the name 'di Tangeri'! Very clever!
I loved this! It had a fragrant orange taste with a dash of sci-fi flavor thrown in.

I want more of this story. What happens next? You did a great job explaining the events that led up to her ending up on the planet, but I want more! That darn 750 word count always spoils things, but you did an awesome job with the words at your disposal.

My how I have missed reading your pieces, Lynne.
I enjoyed the scope and vibrancy of this story, and its sense of continuity. And as for the setting - it was out of this world!