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This article certainly pulled at my heart strings. Beautiful job!
Extremely well written.
This story was full of vivid descriptions that pulled me in and made me feel as though I were there. Well done!
Very nice. How things work out in the strangest way.
Very good story! I liked the ending.
Very writerly; good craftsmanship.
Excellent writing. There was a very real feel to everything but the end, which for me was a little too perfect. However, sometimes God works like that and I like the comfort it brought the girl. Good work.
Awww---this one's kind of sappy. I'm impressed. LOL. Way to show off your multidimensional writing talent. Loved the story - excellent as always.
Blessings, Lynda
I had tears in my eyes with this one. Loved the ending. Makes me wonder if the Dad put the kitten carrier in the middle of the road on purpose... =)
Wow. This one gave me goosebumps. I loved it! You really stepped up to the *cough* challenge. Wonderful. Truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
This was lovely. Well done!
I liked this too, but I wondered why the funeral on a birthday, and why travel for what seemed like a distance to a funeral for the wife and mother? {I'm told I think too much!}
While the ending was "cute" it didn't resolve my questions so I was a little disapointed.
Hmmmm, seems there are several layers to this. I had to wonder why the dad didn't seem to be dealing with emotion, too? Thanks for reminding me how God can "show up" in unusual ways when I'm least expecting Him to act on my behalf. :-)
Very strong writing, as we have come to expect from this author. The images of Christ hidden in the storyline are an added wonder. Excellent!
You set the scene beautifully ... I could picture it all very clearly. Well done.
Touching! I want to know more of the story! I can make some pretty good guesses to answer my questions, but I am intrigued - ya hooked me.
Nicely done! Of course, it was a kitten! It had to be but I'm still wanting to know why the funeral had to be on her birthday.
Hi Kyle! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you were in what was a relatively small list of semi-finalists for the Luggage Challenge. Your entry rated very well with the judges and was definitely in the running! You're an excellent writer - keep up the great work. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)