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Well written, poignant & moving personal narrative--made me laugh (your typing proficiency using the hunt & peck system) & made my eyes leak (your choice of scriptures--what an amazing God!). Thank you for sharing it.

That little orange typewriter may be gone from your life but it still helped you write a story!
This must be true because of the personal tone of the story. Great idea in turning it into a "devotional" piece with the scriptural encouragement. I too had one of those no-nonense Dutch grandmas. I lived with her until I was five years old and greatly miss her.
beautiful message of how we are never forsaken by the lord. your grandmother obviously realized god had given you the gift of writing. praise the lord you are using it for his glory.
Enjoyed your story and the way you turned it into a devotional. I was once a secretary and was good at pounding the keys. Sometimes I miss the old typewriters. They were so simple to use, not complicated like modern computers that can be very frustrating. And, back then, no one ever thought of stealing your identity. That's the price of modern technology. But I'm rambling. Good writing!
Nice writing overall, although I would disagree that you are redeemed daily, that would say, that the blood that redeemed you was of no effect if it has to be applied daily. Just a side note, but good writing.
I appreciate your warmth, your reflection and your sense of devotion. Very enc-orange-ing! Well done.
Wow, it says volumes for your grandmother who didn't spend extravagantly to send you that typewriter. The pawn shop may have taken it but they can never take your grandmother's belief in you. And now, thanks to cyberspace many more can believe in you and share your gifts.