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I LOVE THIS. My gosh. If only I could be this cute and creative!
Awesome creativity, and I LOVE the ducks' names. Precious story.
Cracker Jack story filled with good-humored wit yet a certain measure of pathos.
I liked the distinct characterization of each of the ducks. Very unique and original. I could easily see this as a picture book for the preschool/primary age child. I'm serious when I say you should pursue having this story published. I
Yes. Any kid would love hearing, especially hearing, this story read to them. Go for it.
CONGRATS!!! I knew this one would place high. Well done!
Oh this is just too cute! I could visualize everything! Congrats-well deserved.
Awesome... you were bang on with the childish pronunciation, my grandson sounds alot like that! Congrats on your win!
Congratulations. I agree that this deserved to win. A very creative, fun story with great characters.
Just had to come back and say congratulations!! I'm so glad this took first, it is such a fun, fun read. Very happy for you!
Just put some iwustwashuns with this and you've got the making of a classic baf-time stowy. Congratulations on your 1st place and EC win! WooHoo!! Well deserved!
Great ending! I love the names, too. Congratulations.
I love the article. I find it very entertaining but at the same time, it touches me. I felt myself becoming the main character in the story. As I continue to read the article, I felt the urge saving a friend. But like Tuack-tuack, I sometimes never think I had the courage to do that.
I really like this story. I'm writing a story with this technique(alter names a little so it will be foreign but recognizable)
I really like your dialogue. I wish though that there was more tension in the end. For example, "the tides were pulling him back. He could feel his rubber wings tearing. He looked back and the waves poured on his face, blinding his eyes.
Ahead, he could hear Dw*** crying for help. Could he ever make it?"
Something like that.
I guess it was time that restrained you but please keep it up.
This is adorable! a very enjoyable read. :)
I simply LOVED this! I remembered my mother telling me to be brave. Congratulations on your win.