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Very inspiring.
This is excellent. A contender for the book, I'm sure. The only thing I would change is to give you more words for the dramatic conversion. Absolutely beautiful!
Very touching and very vivid. A grim reminder of what God's people suffered because of the hate of their oppressors.
This was really good. Powerful and real.
Excellent message. Enables the reader to 'feel' the time.
Very nice use of present tense, which I think works well in first-person narratives. You brought us into the story. Well done!
Very riveting! And a great take on luggage. Wonderful, painful history and vivid descriptions. Nice storytelling.
Wonderfully written and intense. I was drawn in from the beginning. A very powerful piece. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Oy. I loved this!! I could feel it all. Thank you so much for sharing it!
Awesome, compelling, enthralling and exciting. Can you tell I loved this?
Gripping, terrifying, and yet the hope of Christ shines through! I enjoyed this very much. An intense "inside look" at Nazi persecution that is redeemed by the Word of Truth. Well done!!
Excellent. This will most assuredly be in the final 8.... at least in my opinion (which is all that matters, right?!) Only one small error, and alas it is the first word. You are writing in present tense. The sentence should read "Since Isaacs death mother keeps..." You have "After Isaacs death mother keeps..." Kept would go better with after, it is a past tense combination. Oh well, not enough to detract. Clear a space on your mantel for the trophy! ;-)
My arms are covered with goosebumps as I type, due to your piece. How very special.
Excellent! Very creative entry.
heart-poundingly good.