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I liked the way you began this story. I very clever play on words, considering your subject!
I too like the play on words at the beginning of your article foretelling of things to come. Very interesting.
Fun creativity in the interactions between disciples. Fun hint at the luggage part, too (the cloak and shoes), although it may not be enough "luggage" to carry the theme. Thanks!
I really appreciate that you captured just the seeds of Judas going bad. It's not a side of him that we usually see.
Good humored, yet serious. You've shown us how subtle sin can be, starting with just a thought or a murmur.
Loved the opening - very clever! Creative take on topic. Well done.
Blessings, Lynda
Both clever and meaningful. Good job!
Nice storyline. I think Judas came off just a little bit like a spoiled kid ... as opposed to an adult going bad. BUT, it just flavored him a little different than I'm used to. An enjoyable read!
I often wonder too why Jesus told them not to take anything. Love the title - very witty. Well done!
Nice job and perspective!