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I love your title. This is so very sad, though.
Oh the lonliness.... Very well painted.
This poem has an ethereal quality about it that is simply beautiful.
This is some kinda wonderful poetry! WOW, I wish I could write like this! Just--WOW! My favorite so far today.
Well written. I enjoyed your word usage.
This was truly beautiful. A second and third reading only enhance it more. Lovely.
Beautifully morose while strong on topic.
Beautiful word usage. Fantastic poetry. Nicely done!
Some beautiful poetic things going here. I really enjoyed the technique, the feel, the voice, the texture of your words and sounds, but I never got a grip on who "she" is and how she and her are related to the voice of your piece. You used she and her nine times each, maybe, in the future you could consider a different word like the widow, or the spinster, or whatever. You deliver this beautiful backdrop to a poem with no vision of its subject. Just a thought. but, very lovely.
A lovely unsung song. The imagery was wonderful.
This is SO lovely and wistful--absolutely beautiful poetry. Have you ever read T.S. Eliot's "Portrait of a Lady"? For some reason, this reminded me of that. Very well done!
This was gorgeous. Exquisite word choices. Loved it...
Oh, and congratulations on your EC! Well done:)
O wow! This is amazing. What a beautiful and heart-rending poem. Congratulations.
Beautiful--meanings and words--a great poem!