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Good idea; entering an editorial into the mix. This is exactly the way I feel about liberalism. Exactly how can the churches help people when the STATE is now responsible for that and taxes are way too high.

Keep up the good fight.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship

Your editorial seems heartfelt and I agree with everything you said. I would only add that part of being good stewards is to be on our knees praying for God to open the eyes of the blinded in this world and to change their hearts and minds before the nonsense goes too far. Good writing.
I appreciate your viewpoint and your creative take on this topic, but I want to take this opportunity to add something to what you say.

I believe there should be more Christ-centered calls to action on the environmental issue. The truth is that people are too often complacent about being good stewards because it is less important than "spiritual" matters. I also think people get scared off because of being afraid of being branded "liberal." Just remember that it is important to care for the environment because it is something that God has commanded us to do.