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Heartbreaking and very touching. A wonderful story, Your 'Mum' was so real - my heart went out to her.
Heart-breaking and painful for the mother.
How grieved God is when'man' rejects truth and grace from Him, to be saved. His pure love is not returned because 'man' chooses His own wretched way.
May the 'Jakes' out there (including me) in the world find truth and mercies that GOD ever so patiently shows to us.

"Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: Thy blessing is upon Thy people." Ps.3.

Excellent writing! Thank you.

Interesting read. Content was meaningful. Some care on word placement and typos, other than that good job.
As the sister of a "special" young man, I appreciated this story.

You ended by saying that there are valuable lessons to be learned from special children--but you didn't give us any of those lessons. I'd have liked those.
Very emotional writing! Really draws the reader in anticipation. But so heartbreaking. Good job!
I agree with the Mum, that these special individuals teach us so much about unconditional love- and many instinctively know that God loves them.