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Ooooh, awesome!!! Really really awesome!
Great descriptions... you pegged those 4th graders perfectly right down to the snot bubble! :)
All around a great story.
Good job, one sentence though I had trouble following, "much to her detritment she assumed..."I didn't get that.
Oh, I could visualize the students and feel the teacher's patience. Perfect ending, too. Loved it!
Oh, excellent! You "got" me with that last word!
Absolutely brilliant writing. You nailed this one and provided a great payoff for the reader. Definitely my favorite so far. Great job!
That's awesome!

Nicely done! Congrats on your placement!
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 1st PLACE IN ADVANCED AND ON YOUR E.C. for this funny and engaging story. The classroom scene is superbly done, and that last line has such impact! Wonderful writing!! :D
Wow! 'Out of the mouths of babes...'! Brilliant writing. Well done on your well deserved win.
Wow... your ending gave me chills... Love this! Congrats on your level placing AND Editor's Choice!!
A fun story, with a great twist at the very end. Congratulations!!
Yep, they're 4th graders all right. What a great job of letting them show that to us themselves. I love, love, love your ending. Congratulations!
Great job! I love the descriptions of the kids! Congratulations on your EC!
Fantastic story! Funny and sweet, with a powerful ending. LOVED it! A well-deserved first place win...Congratulations!!
Congrats! I really enjoyed your story.
A very nice, very believable classroom scene. the "To her future detriment" comment was a bit obscure but I understood what you were getting at. The Maxes of this world need to have boundaries clearly and constantly drawn otherwise they'll cross them every chance they get. One comment about Charlie's question. It would be able to suck in the Earth if the two got close enough. The event horizon is not so much a border as a point of no return for anything on the inside of it. It's the distance from the black hole below which the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light. Anything can go in, nothing except Hawking radiation can come out (unless it get a hand from God). Having said all that, the teacher's response was appropriate for a class of fourth graders.
Hey, great story! Well thought through. What an ending!
Great JOB! Could feel for the teacher! Congratulations!