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This story is very well written, and perfectly on topic. I like the way you used different synonyms for the word "black" throughout the story . . . very creative and ingenious. The piece draws the reader's interest and holds it, showing that God does work in mysterious ways in placing His people in the perfect place at the perfect time.
Awww, how sweet!
Cool. well done. found myself reliving past memories.
Being a teen of the 60's this brought back many of my own memories. I doubt if anyone goes steady anymore. How sweet and how sad. Good job.
This is nostalgic and sweet. It looks both back and forward with MC moving on after grief. It's a great time when God helps us do that.
I lost my class ring in 1960 while surfing. Unfortunately no one ever found it. I sense your story may be true, as I've known others with similar stories. Your story had the right ingredients to hold my attention all the way through. Nice job.
I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written story with its lovely, romantic ending! Great job with word choices and descriptions! :) You put me there in the museum with the ladies!
I liked this slice of life story. I could picture the ladies in the museum. I thought the ending seemed a bit rushed, but I'm sure that pesky word count had something to do with that. Thanks for making this such an enjoyable read.
I totally enjoyed looking through all the treasures with them. I loved the ending too! This warmed my heart! :)
Sweet story that held my interest. Small towns are the best!

Great story, nicely told. And from reports I read and hear on the news, these types of things happen all the time. And, it is heart warming to see one playing out in your article. Well done.
This is a beautiful story, and I wish you'd had more words to tell it! Very unique take on the topic--I enjoyed it a lot!
Could see the story playing out in my mind and feel the emotions. Loved it!
Wonderful story line, and If I had been the judge, I believe this would have been number one! It is number one in my books anyway! Great writing!