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You educated me, I'd never heard of the Lumbshavak before. Your action-packed story was quite thrilling. :)
I particularly liked the use of different shades of blue throughout the story, because it added to the reality of what our pilot was experiencing. It made me realize just how much blue there is "out there" and how much God reveals Himself in nature.
This story is thrilling when it ends happily. I know someone who lost her father and his instructor by pulling this move,he left a widow with three small children. It has been hard for her to forgive him for that. But well written
You took an interesting subject and worked it into a good fit on the topic. The title got my attention.

Excellent title!

I'd like to have been able to experience this spin with more sensory was descriptive, but not in a "you are there" way.

Excellent ending...I enjoyed reading this.
I remember doing stalls and spins when I was a student pilot... too many years ago to think about... but what I remember most about my "flying days" is how close to God I felt when it was just me and God up there in the little Cessna 150 I was flying. Thank you for bringing back some great memories.