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Wonderful read...I have now read this about three times. The first part is so very peaceful, but the last part really says it all....

So very wonderful...

The eyes of the congregation appeared only as row upon row of dim blue lights, connected to the power but unresponsive to the purpose for which they had been purchased at so great a cost.

Thank you!
Wow! The last couple of paragraphs deliver the punch!

Enjoyed the dialogue between MC & son too. (Sneakers not having the sneak attached was really cute!)

Offered a lot to think about. Interesting entry. I'm always amazed as I walk through the house in the dark and see all the small lights throughout. Creative.
Cool story,but sad.Lord let us not be little blue lights!
Excellent object lesson!

Some of your italicized thoughts were really "asides" by your narrator, and didn't need the italics. A minor quibble.

Love the little guy--this was a very strong entry.
What a great correlation between the blue lights on the electronics, and the eyes of the people in the congregation. Plugged into the power... but not serving the intended purpose... how well that describes too many of us who inhabit a pew each Sunday. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking entry. Congratulations on the 3rd place win for level.
I can see why this story is in the top 10. Powerful message; I like how you didn't actually write out the reverend's words to his congregation, but let us glean the message from his experience just like he did.
Great entry! Such a powerful illustration.

Congrats on your placing!
This is a great object lesson, Aaron. Well done.