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My husband has worked for several of these "Boxes", and worn several different color aprons. The experiences have left him as angry as your MC, and somewhat jaded. I have made a copy of your story and plan to let him read it in hopes that he will follow your MC's lead back into God's good graces. Thanks for sharing.
Kindness seems to be such a rarity sometimes, doesn't it?

I wonder if Joel could have avoided the hassle if he'd told a manager what he wanted to do...he probably didn't have the authority to give the piece away. The ending might be a bit too tidy.

I love your message of Christian kindness and mercy, and how there's always a way to show God's love.

Such an unfortunate scenario that is all to real for our world today. Love the end!
Great piece! Maybe it's because I somewhat identify with what happened in the story. It does seem as though kindness and goodness, no matter how you try to spread it, is looked at by the world as outdated, even when attempting to write faith-based and moralistic newspaper columns to give people a look at how things could be if we dealt with each other differently.