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Well, I'm torn...I don't usually care for talking animals, but I love poo stories...which one wins? I LOVE it!
This has got to be the silliest story I have ever read but writing technique was fine.
Being ex-military and having attended some of those briefings...this was very well portrayed. nicely written and very amusing.
rats...note to self: never hit enter until you're done.

one comment on the story. the SEARGENT stepped up and addressed everyone. You went back and forth between identifying the speaker as the commanding officer or the seargent taking that role. but you only introduced one character. beware of that in future writing. (still loved it, though)
Does this count for cars of other colors as well? :P

Very creative take on the topic!
ROFL!! I love this line:
"Strap on your helmets and loosen your bowels boys and girls".

As an appreciator of fine humor, I'm gonna give you two thumbs up!
Okay, I'm snickering. :*0.
Cute. Very, very stinkin' cute!
Oh my goodness, why didn't I see THAT coming? lol too funny:) Glad to see you writing again. Missed you!
Classic Josh. Might need a little tightening here and there, but these two lines made me laugh out loud:

Is that an everything bagel? Those are delicious!

"The ammo is stuck in the hatch if you know what I mean.

Hysterical as usual, great work brother.
I really like your style and it is nice to read someone who also is able to personify animals in a most humorous way. Well done - so much to enjoy in this piece.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It made me laugh. It was easy to picture this scene taking place.
Oh man! I love a good poo story, too, and who knows more about poo than birds? Here's one of my favorite lines:

"Its because Sheryl was our ally, and because we are THE BEST! We are the SIXTY-FIFTH-AND-ONE-THIRD-POOPOO-BOMBARDIER-AIRBORN-DIVISION!

Other commenters also posted some of my OTHER favorite lines. He he he.

How do you do it? Not how to do you THAT, but how do you write this kind of stuff? Super clever with side-splitting fun spilling out.

Honestly, this was first rate. I see it as a Disney/Pixar short, and I can hear the voice overs already. Fantastic!