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This was a beautiful story of love as God intended. How in tune to his daughter's heart this father must have been. And the daughter's love for him was from a pure heart--not a selfish one. I ached for her as cruel words dissolved her joy.
The imagery throughout painted each scene perfectly. My favorite was: . . . the wintery beauty also brought damp drafts that coiled around our feet like a frosty kitten.
Great job with this tender telling.
I thought I knew where this was going...but it got there about half-way through, and then took another direction altogether. Well done!
Love the story and its message.
This did *not* go where I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised. I love the sense of time and place you created. This was a good read with a great message.
I love your descriptions throughout. And when the father gave her the dress - beautiful. Then her realization at the end - wonderful! You did an excellent job.
What a great Christmas story with a wonderful message.
Just as this dress filled the girls heart with joy, seeing your presence in the writing challenge again fills my heart with joy, Ann. This was a really cute story with an important message. A very good story to read children or grandchildren this holiday season. :)
I felt the young girl's longing - I so related to her... this has touched me - deeply. I love the message you wove into the story.
Such a sweet story, and the message of sacrificial love so beautifully portrayed!