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Excellent use of the Red Rover game as a frame for this sad and touching story.

I've never seen "vie" as a noun before--and did they have cell phones 25 years ago? Could be, I'm just not sure.

This story really touched my heart.
Well written...sad...and somewhat depressing. I wonder how many families can relate to this story.
Couple of typos here and there and I must be older than I think, because I don't remember cell phones 25 years ago either. The great big ones maybe..anyway if it is a true story or based on a true story a little polishing and you have a good one here.
Not to worry about the cell phone. I bet you meant a bag phone. We had one. ;0)

I have a feeling this was written from your heart. It's written like a real, loving father would feel. Nicely done.
Such a sad story, yet one so many parents are going through. As the step-parent of a prodical son, this really touched my heart.
Creative use of a childrens' game for a very touching story, and the last line is a heartbreaker.
Unspoken,here,are the constant prayers of family for a wayward child. God hears. You have expressed well the nightmare too many familys experience with clarity.
This is so sad. I love how you showed us the mutual love you both had for each other through the years. Especially liked how you brought the Red Rover game back at the end. Praying for a happy ending for this father and daughter.