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Great story and a very good job in the way you tell it..

But this is the keeper of every day:

"And, finally, at each day’s close, he thought of Christ’s crimson blood, shed for each of us on the rough-hewn cross."

I thank you so very much Jesus!

Fascinating! The paragraph where the prisoner imagines different things for the marble is masterful.

I was curious about who left the marble there, and also why you named him John Doe...was there a reason for him to be anonymous?

Very good writing, and quite creative.
First of all the story is a hard memory for an old Vietnam combat Army medic that helped release some prisoners who had been kept in underground "monkey cages."

Having said that, one could only write such a strong mental word picture if they had in some way experienced it or knew someone who had. What I see as author authenticity helped me to immediately suspend disbelief.
Facinating story, and what an interesting idea to have a marble show up on his plate. I did stumble over some missing verbs and other grammar problems, but enjoyed reading.
Great piece of writing. Clever plot - or is it a true story? It sounds very real.
I enjoyed your story. I think, though, that the paragraph where you listed all the things he imagined about the marble was a little long. After a while, I felt like it was just a long list that never ended. If you were to reduce the list, I think that paragraph would have read better.