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Aaaah, I want to go for a ride with you in your Ruby blessing! Nicely told with great humor, descriptiveness (I could totally see the old beast, and then was right there with you in the car lot "admiring the curviness of her design") and gratitude. Love your grandson's great observation skills!

(Minor punctuation detail: the possessive its requires no apostrophe anywhere in its vicinity. :-))
I love PT Cruisers! Very entertaining story.
Your story took me back a few years to the time I wanted to buy an MG convertible...oh yes...and it was bright red. The telling details of your story helped bond me to it. When "this is how it really happened," it makes the story more enjoyable.
I can definately relate to your story when it comes to your old car. We have one right now where the passenger's side door will only open from the inside, the radio turns off (and back on) randomly, the knob to turn on the headlights doesn't always work right the first time, and several other things are wrong with it. You did a good job of describing your own old car as well as the new one.