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This is a lovely read! The scene was a simple one but yet full and rewarding. Having had blood transfusions myself, Ruby's thoughts about Christ's "ultimate donation on the cross and the blood shed so many years ago" echoed in my heart as well. Nice job!
Nice comparison between the two "red crosses", and the sacrifice of love each one represents. I liked this line, "Even after years of marriage, Ruby would still, on occasion, find herself completely amazed by how much 'morning' the Lord had been able to knit into one individual." I think this line alone describes her husband's morning energy & cheerfulness without the line that follows it (no need to "explain" any further.) Ruby is a lovely, selfless person, perhaps so much so that I have a hard time relating to such a perfect character. I love the message of the story, and the title is great! Nicely done.
Beautiful and inspiring story! And I can relate, only because my wife, after going through nearly 38 years of rheumatoid arthritis, which has required over 20 surgeries, cancer treatment, and recent neck surgery, she still looks to reach out to others with love and hope. Much of who I am today is because of her.
A sweet story--I'm about to become a Red Cross volunteer lady, so it made me grin.

If I were to give one suggestion, I'd say that this story lacks conflict, which is one of the definitive characteristics of a short story.

Nevertheless, she's a precious character, and it was a pleasant read.
I enjoyed reading your story. I also really liked your title. It has a wonderful ring to it.
I, too, liked the way you tied the two red crosses together. Very good story.