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Very good extended metaphor, written by someone who (I assume)knows the process well.

I was very interested that the clay takes on a reddish hue, and wanted to know more about that. What causes the reddening? Maybe elaboration on that would strengthen both the metaphor and the tie-in to the topic?

I enjoyed this free verse, and its strong imagery.
This appears to be written by someone who understands the process of pottery very well. It had a lot of detail woven into it.

I'm not sure if the topic was completely hit considering that you only slightly touched on the red hue, but this was a good piece regardless, and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.
A great illustration of God's grace and power to "remake" us struggling humans.
Very precise explanation... making the process...and the message very clear. I enjoyed reading this entry.
Mmm... I like this one, Allen!