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This was very cute. I'm sure it will be one-of-a-kind. Very good story.
LOL! This was such fun. Fairy tale folk are so animated, even after retirement.
I kept thinking of the FW conference as I read. ;) Just the right voice for this "fairy tale". Great writing, and the descriptions of the characters kept me smiling and reading.
This was cute and entertaining. Your title snagged me and I'm glad it did.
Oh, I love this! I've written several "fractured fairy tales" myself--it's so fun to do!

The only thing I'd say is that it starts to get a tad bit choppy, with so many tales skewered. Maybe if you'd chosen only half of them or so, and used the extra words to add a bit of dialogue? That would help us get to know these familiar characters better in their middle years.

But that's minor--this is VERY clever, and I enjoyed it immensely!
I was a little worried when your first words were "Once upon a time," but they fit, and it worked perfectly. It was fun to be reminded of some of the more popular fairy tales. I think this easily could have been a longer short story. Too bad there's a word limit.
This was a very entertaining piece...I loved it! A very clever and creative idea!
I would love to attend next year's FTARP...this was such fun.
Seema, how refreshing and entertaining your piece is. You grabbed my attention with the first paragraph. I have always loved fairy tales ever since my grandmother read many of them to me and gave me my first understanding of the creative mind.