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This was SO delightful! What a great spin on the subject of retirement. Your MC's thoughts were authentic and insightful. Really creative.
Aaah, I miss getting a newspaper too. It's just not the same looking at the comics on line.

Very good job on this!
Really enjoyed this! What an original take on the topic. Very nice.
Liked the take on topic, very good.
Creative and a unique take on the topic. One tiny thing: a lot is two words. Good writing and insight in this piece.
I liked your parallel between your MC and the newspaper. I had to laugh at the crow's name... what a hoot :) ...and how the paper was used in his cage. Your title is great!
Oooh, I share your fear that crosswords may someday disappear!

Really creative entry--I enjoyed it very much.
Creative take on retirement! Love the dual-look at the topic, and the nostalgic voice of your MC as she says goodbye to her old friend.
I love reading the newspaper....wish my busy life would allow for more of it! Nice nostalgic piece.
You have a great article. I too love the newspaper in print rather than online. There's just something about having something tangible to read that makes the experience better.
Super creative take on the topic. Well written and very well done!
What a creative take on the topic. Great job!
I love reading the newspaper every morning... can't imagine life without that daily ritual... but it's shrinking. I couldn't believe how THIN it was this morning! I like the internet, but it just isn't the same, is it? I enjoyed your unique take on the topic... good job!
What a great take on the topic, with a wonderfully sentimental, bittersweet story of how we "progress". Great piece!
This was a great entry - I am one of those kids of today who is addicted to her newspaper and crossword every day. Very creative!
I loved this--out-of-the-box creative entry. So many things I could identify with, I had to make sure I hadn't written it. Nope--I'm not that creative.
This is so good that I basked in it! I could have read on for another couple of pages! How much jail time would I get for plagurism? Is that all? It would be worth it! No kidding. Big time kudos!!!
Enjoyed this creative writing. Miriam's pov was perfect.
Your story took me down memory lane and I truly enjoyed the read. I felt you had two MC's--the retiring newspaper and the retired lady who faithfully read it. I share her sentiments on several issues and think you presented this topic in an interesting and sincere way. A very well deserved win--congratulations.
I'm so pleased with your win! I knew when I first read it that it had "WINNER" written all over it. Heartiest congratulations!
Such a well-deserved win!
What a clever story. It is sad that the newspapers are becoming obsolete. Your story brings a lot of memories to my Dad is a lot like your MC's husband. Congratulations on your first place win for the level.
Very, very creative!! Congrats on your win!!!
Congrats Mona for your deserved 1st place. Great MCing. This piece had to have been written from the inside out. BTW, I attended Calvary Chapel in Indio, CA, which took on the name of Grace Chapel a few years back.
What an absolutely creative and wonderful piece. The analogy is increditable and so well thought. I just love it! A well deserved win.