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I'm still grinning from ear to ear with this one. Fun dialog and scenes--and loved Addy's comments about the dollhouse. Cute, entertaining, humorous and sweet all at the same time. Truly was tickled by this one.
Not only does our daughter come in unexpectedly at times, but so do her friends. We all are like family so it doesn't seem necessary to knock...well except for those afternoons when we decide to take a "nap."
Very clever! Great realism and very funny!
You had me smiling all through this. I enjoyed the personality change of the parents. My husband and I are empty-nesters (as of 4 weeks ago). Our youngest is at a university 5 hours away. She popped home last night to surprise us (at 10pm). :) Fortunately her room was pretty much intact. :)
I LOVE that you went first person from a person that isn't an empty nester. Great way to draw the reader in to a situation uncomfortable in general. Fantastic p.o.v. It's obvious you get it right before you write.
I loved your MC; I felt like I was right there with her (unfortunately). I'll bet that was her LAST surprise visit home! Very fun read.
Yeah, where do these kids think they come from?
Guess it's never easy to think of your parents that way.
Saw that one always call first, even if I am outside. :D
I'm laughing out loud. I knew where this was going, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it. Buncha stars from me.
Oh yes! This was great. If I told you how much I identified with it, I could hear my kids in the background saying TMI, TMI!
You have he MC's voice just right.
At first I was worried this was going down a different, darker road but was so pleased with the outcome:) The writing, as always, smooth as silk. Super enjoyable read.
Very well written. Loved the reaction of your MC and her TMI moment. Fun read!
It's funny how our kids see us, and you've captured that pov with humor. Very entertaining writing.
Oh yeah... recent empty nester here... I certainly related and our daughter could have written this as well. I saw where it was going too. Great read. Loved it from start to finish!
This was hysterical! You could just see what was probably coming but the build-up was great! Very funny and well written.
"Cleaning our closet..." Ah, yes... Hilarious, Jan! Loved it!
Tee hee...I bet she'll ring the bell next time, and never tiptoe again. Loved the POV, and the ending made me snarf. Verrrry funny stuff here;)
LOVE IT! Good for those two - sheesh kid, if you want to sneak in, be prepared for surprise of your own. Absolutely adorable and cheeky.
Are you sure one of my kids didn't write this? Great fun!
Ha! Loved your title. You've done it again, this is a winner. Very creative and fun.
Ah, the freedoms and joys of empty nesting! My mind was running in a similar direction, but I was afraid someone I knew might read it. :D