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I could relate to this free verse poem. My favorite stanza was,
"Too soon time passes. The day
has come to let them go. Is this
handsome bird of brightly colored plumes
her son? Look how he moves across
the sky, so proud and strong, ready
now to claim he own territory,
pursue his own mate. And her daughter,
plain and subdued, an exact image of her mother,
ready to start a family of her own."

My son just got married 2 weeks ago and my daughter is in her 1st year at college. Your poem really touched me!
This was so well written, iloved took the topic literally "empty nest" nice analogy.
Mothers everywhere can empathize with your feathery MC. What a sweet and tender poem.
Great analogy! One would swear you are actually a mother bird.
Tender and true, isn't God's creation just marvelous. Your writing is.

I'm a great bird lover so this entry particularly moved me. Very tenderly written. Kudos!