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Well this was sad and I wanted to smack the husband and I felt so sorry for the wife.. and ashamed for her too. I guess that says a lot about your writing to stir those emotions in me! good job!
An intresting take on "for better or for worse." I liked your title and its double meaning.
I'm seconding Robyn's emotions!
Well, one things for sure...I never stopped reading.

Good job.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship
Somewhat interesting after I got passed the point that you either left the italics key on by mistake or intentionally. Not that much on topic though, more about a husband and wife situation.
My favorite line was "the quiet disturbed her anger..." I love that--we want our anger to progress on OUR terms! Very thoughtful marriage study, written in a literary voice. Well done!
A very sad tale indeed...I found myself distracted by the italics, though, trying to figure out if it was for some reason.
I could see this very clearly. You did a great job drawing me in. I'm still trying to decide if I like the husband or not. Two thumbs up.
We seem to hear the word "change" a LOT these days. I like the change you wrote about better than the current thinking on "change". :) You are masterful with words.