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Ouch!!! I literally cringed when I read the part about cutting the back of your leg...borrowing your own apology for being graphic...I got a little queasy...but it was a good reminder that God has a plan for every child that is born, and tha no child is an accident.
For someone who endured a lot of physical trauma-- which contributes so much to our mental and emotional states, you came out of it with a refreshing sense of humor. and while humor can be used to cover up pain, I see how you have allowed God to heal you and place laughter on your lips.
You gave this trip down memory lane a refreshing overhaul. Good writing-- good descriptions!

Thank you also for providing the answer to the question of how a 'preacher's seat' got it's name.
You began with, "Sometimes I'm amazed..." I was amazed too, there were so many accidents. Great reminder that no child is an accident.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I couldn't wait to get through this painful, but well written piece. Although you did a good job of making the story very graphic, for me it was a bit too owee.