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Yes! You have pegged the season exactly as I see it. It is my favourite time of year. You mentioned the Canadian Geese's formation flying, twice. You must be a Canadian??? Not necessarily, because the geese fly a long way, from 'way up north to 'way down south. But a lot of them stay right around here, as our winters here in SW BC are usually mild and there are a lot of lakes...Back to your article. You used a lot of great description, maaking the reader feel like he/she is right there...Good job. I hope you rate high...Blessings...Helen
This was practically a hymn to the wonders of Autumn. I reckon St Francis of Assisi would have approved.
I can't handle autumn myself, it's too cold for me, but what you conveyed made it all seem magical.
Great piece! Experiencing now the four seasons, after not enjoying them for many years, I can see how autumn as a distinct beauty all of its own. Today, for the first time, mowing my lawn during autum, I watched as the multitude of colorful leaves flew back up into the air, and had a new appreciation for them.
Alright, Im now thoroughly hooked. I thought I preferred summer . . . spring is good, too . . . maybe, winter . . . but . . . so mesmerizingly effective is this narrative, in profiling its intentions, that my brain is now happily season soaked in autumn. This is flawless writing, rewarding the reader handsomely for the visit. Bryan. 11Sept09Fri.
Excellent sensory ride through Autumn. Each "sense" left me feeling, smelling, hearing and touching everything you described. That is what great writing does and this piece did it very well.
Oh, Lisa! I am so happy that I ran across this most lovely article so many years after it was written. I will reread this many times. I live in Phoenix AZ and can only imagine or read about an autumn such as this. It is my favorite season even though we have very little color. Many of our days are still hot so the smell of fireplaces wafting through the air is rare indeed. Thank you for sharing your lovely fall with me. Linda