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I commuted through Cajon Pass daily for some ten years, and spent most of my life before that just beneath it. I really don't miss those Santa Ana winds. Nice job of conveying that tension that goes with being out and about in them.
I agree with Rick. I'm glad I no longer have to deal with crazy California freeway drivers and strong Santa Ana winds. Now all I have to deal with is 85+-year-old drivers who've driven the rural highways and streets of the Midwest and tornados.Hmmm, did I make a good trade? I enjoyed your entry.
I was holding my breath as you took us down the freeway through the wind. Having lived in the Inland Empire & worked in Orange Co for a year I know how similar the 91 can be to what you described. I hate driving next to those big trucks in any kind of weather! Good job with this story! (Hope you got that job closer to home.)
Oh yeah - memories for sure (though NOT this bad). I was absolutely reliving this with you (and it helped me remember exactly WHY I hate driving next to 18-wheelers! I seriously had forgotten). Excellent descriptions and conveyance of emotions.
Invigorating writing. I kept wondering what was so important about this journey that it had to be made in such difficult conditions. As such the eventual outcome was something of an anticlimax. Made me wonder if you couldn't have fictionalised it a bit and beefed up the suspense a little. But nevertheless an enjoyable and engaging read.
Wow. That is very scary. I've been in a dust storm before but I was in the country, with very little to no traffic. I can't imagine this situation. Nice job telling this story. And I sure am glad it ended on a good note.