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How cute a way to validate the word "fall"...I did not know that we Americans are the only ones who use the term.
Fantastic piece! I loved it. My favorite part: "The leaves don’t “autumn” off the tree. They “FALL” and that makes sense to me!" That is a thought I have had so very often. Your title is quite catching as well. Nice.
A lovely poem. I seldom read poetry but your title hooked me. Great writing.
You have taken the topic and done an excellent job on it. I just love the lines:

We say “Spring forward and Fall back”
But “Autumn back”? That’s out of whack!

Wonderful! Clever! What a delight to read.
I love this witty, light-hearted poem! Good job.
Clever and very witty!
What a way to start my day. Kind of a way to remind me that Fall has fell and summer was as hot as could be. And you though I was going to rhyme with "fell?"
See, you got me going early.
Very cute, I could see this memorized by school children for a play or skit. thanks for the education as well. Fall...makes perfect sence to me!