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How funny...I laughed out loud at the line about Tennessee, and Memphis because I used to live there. I enjoyed your tale.
I, too, have a very talented and busy wife, which results in me having become a not-so-good chef, but still being able to identify. Having retired from teaching,I can now devote more time to supporting our daughter's cheerleading and sports activities, again relating to what you've shared. And althoughh we don't have tropical storms in Iowa, we do understand tornados. Oh, and we did live in the Chattanooga area for three years. Wow, did I ever relate to what you wrote! Thanks for bringing me onboard.
Well, I am guessing here, Florida, right? And here I am on the other coast watching the USC game today...we could start something here...but I won't. thanks for sharing how life is in your part of the world. I especially enjoyed the line about the batteries..."enough to jumpstart a battleship". that was funny.
Funny piece. The narrator's voice has a familiar sound to it. (Will have to check back and see if I'm right.) Loved the humor and descriptions of the events of fall.
I was born in Florida, and lived in Alabama. I can relate to the importance of football, hurricane packages, and generators, in that order. I love your Plan-by-Category rules for storms. My family lives there still, and hates the hurricane days. I hadnt thought of all the fun I have been missing out on. Thanks
A well-written slice of life in your section of the world. Good job!
Wow, what a busy life! Hopefully, the tropical storms will avoid your part of the world this season!
What a great piece of writing. You'll place high with this one! Kudos!