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Incredibly powerful piece of writing. When my flesh wasn't covered in goose-bumps, my tears were streaked with tears. I still feel Prince Emmanuel's hand and hear His Voice as we walk to the bridge together. Beautiful and fresh perspective of the banner of joy and love that waves over us. Thank you!
Loved this artistic way of telling the Good News. The dialogue was great, and the scripture at the end was - perfect!
Very creative parable format! Nicely done :)
This was a beautiful allegory. I loved the line, "It's nothing fancy!... It's only made with 3 rusty nails and two pieces of an old tree!"
I stumbled a little in the first paragraph where you wrote that Mansoul now had a brdge that connected the kingdom with the village of Mansoul... this is a bit repetitive. Perhaps you could have written that a bridge now connected the village of Mansoul with the kingdom... thus avoiding the double-up on the word "Mansoul".
Otherwise, this was excellent! A great read!
What a wonderful modern-day parable. This was good! Thanks for sharing.