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I'm in awe, first at the creative mind behind the antics, then at the depth of response from "strangers", and finally at the skill put into the story-telling! If this is a true story, lovely tribute also for your daughter.
Awesome! absolutely loved it!
Wow! A gift in the telling to all of us as well! And a great lesson in the importance of humor and in connecting. Great job.
There is a freshness to the joy expressed in this story that is contagious. Great writing. neat. Loved the way this story developed.
Loved your story and couldn't agree more with your final comment.
I had to read through this a couple times, then again to my husband. I remember well his reaction to the birth of our first child (a girl). This brought tears to our eyes--the joy, the reactions of strangers, the celebration! LOVE this piece!
Very enjoyable read. The story was interesting and entertaining, and the whole thing flowed nicely.
Congratulations on your EC!!!
Congratulations on EC for this wonderful story.
Congratulations on not only being Highly Commended, but on getting EC as well. Good job.

An Amen to the congratulations! Sometimes we wonder if people really've shown us they do.

Thank you for a lovely story.
Well-deserved EC. It is good to read and ponder about some of the good things happening in our world today. This story champions it well.
I loved this story, thanks for sharing. What I especially liked though, is how you turned it into a teaching/devotional, inspiring us all to create special moments in which to share our Joy. Thanks and Congratulations on a good write.
What wonderful gifts of compliments we in the writing community bestow on each other! But isn't that one of the motivators helping us to improve our God-given talents?