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Your words are a great encouragement to those who find themselves in the midst of winter. Thanks for sharing painful memories and joyous affirmation to help others grow.
So true! Wonderful way to show the difference between 'religion' and 'relationship'!
This is someone who has been in the same place (for different reasons), I nodded my head in empathy through the whole thing. I love the pacing, especially in the first half, with your one-sentence paragraphs alternating with longer ones. Great, writerly instincts there.
I like your take on 'Winter'. It is a place many of us can relate to. Good Job!
I really like the way you write - so very interesting. Thank you so much for a devotional story. Colin
I felt the pain and hopelessness of the MC. Was intriqued by the church saying she was no longer welcome, so I read between the lines that maybe she had been living a sinful life, affair?
Good writing.


Believe it or not, I sweated through this! Yea, flashbacks. Great writing!
The story was told excellently, paced just right and with a wonderful message.
I'm all choked up - very moving. This flows so well from hopeless feelings of abandonment and rejections by husband AND God, to a wonderful sense of belonging to Him, and a newfound hope in a future as His child. Wonderful.
I love hearing about someone reading a verse and it seems to be meant just for them for their particular place in time. I had to smile at the lightning bolt comment. :)
A nicely written piece full of emotional impact.
Great story reminding me that when I'm at the end of my rope, I still need to hang on to God...He will never let go! Well written.
Wow... what emotions! This means so much more to me, now that I've met you.
Great writing!