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Love the dialogue, and the Lord's patient answers were lovely.

The only thing I wasn't wild about was the title, which didn't seem to fit the lyrical mood of the entry.

Beautiful imagery, and a tender mood. Very nice.
The message was wonderful. Ministered greatly to me and I'm sure others. God bless.
Very different entry. On subject. Shows how our thoughts are so below the thoughts of God.
This is a very beautiful and poetic entry--the kind to savor and read over several times. The dialogue with God reminded me of the Book of Job, and of C. S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces." Well done!

Enjoyable read! Reminded me of Job's questioning God. Also reminded me that the earth was cursed because of mankind's sin, along with everything else. Nicely written!
"Struggle is necessary for growth in earth's natural realm" This is the line that spoke to me...

You write with a beautiful grace...

The title was a little off for the beauty of the written words...
Beautiful poetic prose and deep thought combine to make this an outstanding entry. I love the way you answered questions the way God might and your idea of winter being Nature's Sabbath rest.
This reminded me of Job, too. Your writing keeps getting better and better! Big time Kudos!!!
Wonderful sense of questioning and listening. God is the Creator with many-fold purposes in each created thing! One day, we will have a mind that can fully understand His creation.
Wow, this is really poetic in the reading. Nice work.
The beauty of your words sing when read out loud - poetic, and much like a psalm, or a hymn. I love the back and forth conversation between the questioner and his maker.