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That going to work even when we play and being responsible every day is the fine print that gets ignored when we are kids and feeling know that you have spoken truth, though I'd rather be an adult than once more a youth!

Good job!
I liked the contrasts in the lines in this poem. As a child, adulthood seemed so wonderful. I'm not a poet, but I found a few lines hard to read. Maybe some commas are needed. Not sure. Good work.
I like the way you contrasted the "freedom" of being an adult with the "responsibility" of being an adult.
Hits the nail on the head. Good take on the subject.
I'm not normally persuaded to read poetry entries, but this was so light and cute, and oh-so true! Good job. And an excellent conclusion, indeed :)
You've given new depth and definition to the term "adulthood." You spent some time on this entry and it shows! Kudos!
When I grow up, I want to be an adult, too. ;-) You covered the topic well with my favorite definition being "a certail mental stage."
I don't want to grow up, and you've given many reasons why in this poem. Not sure I understand the radio station causing humiliation, tho. Probably just me. :) Nice job!
That last line on your first verse is so VERY true. I can relate to it in more ways than one and it fits what I think we all feel at one time or another. Good job!
Reading this was a stretch for me. I usually skip poems. But you did a great job of being on topic. It seems you can write in many ways.
Brought tears to my eyes.