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This is incredibly poignant and very well "put-together" (Not thinking of the word I wanna say!). I could feel the anguish and struggle the MC was going through. Great last paragraph, too.
"being an adult meant swallowing bitterness and embracing forgiveness."...What truth there is in this phrase. Your story was well developed, portraying your emotions and bringing out the great truth of forgiveness...Truly, for you, realizing that you were an ADULT, was painful...Well told!...Helen
This experience was an amazing journey that definitely had to help you "grow" you into who you are today. I loved the compassion and emotion in your writing. This was so well done, and inspirational to those who have had to experience the same kind of thing. Great writing.
Wow! Now this is certainly worthy of a win. Embraced the challenge topic and used it so well. The MC's anguish and struggle was very evident and touching. Such a well-crafted entry!!
You brought back some very sad memories, and yes, I needed a tissue. At the beginning, her thought "How about none?" was absolutely perfect to show her feelings. This bit got me: "being an adult meant swallowing bitterness and embracing forgiveness". You were worried about "telling" too much, but this is the kind of piece where I think telling is ok, especially when it's done like a master. Hugs!
O my. Yes, I teary now. I loved the line where you talked about being able to hold your dad's remains in your hands like he once held you. Wow. Awesome.
Oooh, yes. The tissue warning WAS necessary. Oh my. There is so much in this piece, and the rawness, the transparency, it's all so very real as I read in more ways than one. The best paragraph-the one that stood out the most for me, was when the MC was remembering thinking of her parents as perfectly capable adults. Wow. So very, very well done.
Congratulations on your very touching story receiving the highly commended status. It was very well written, and certainly evoked a great deal of emotion.
Seema, this is really, really good. I remember these exact feelings. You did an excellent job with this topic. Congrats on your Highly Commended.
YAY!!! Congrats, Seema! ^_^
Congratulations, Seema. This is so nice to see and well written to deserve the HC. Keep up the great work! Loren
Ok, so is now when I give up? This is so excellent. When you can pull at the reader's emotions like that, you have a winner. Congrats on your HC.