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Wow. This is brilliant writing. This piece kept me riveted throughout. Excellent work.
A boy becomes a man,when a man is needed - this truism could not be expressed more wonderfully than what you have done here.
This is masterful--you've nailed what "adulthood" is all about. Great writing.
Your descriptions are really excellent to reveal this boy hurled into adulthood.
Wow...I feel like I know Billy personally...great writing!
It's easy to see why you're in Masters. What beautiful, yes brilliant, writing. I'm absolutely green with envy.
Beaucoup kudos!!!!!!
Masterful piece of writing that held my interest throughout. Suspense and drama.
Fabulous. The descriptions, the action - I was there, and I was shivering with fear along with ... and FOR... Billy. One of the best endings I've read
Go Billy!! I wanted to keep cheering him on, he really did take the rite of passage in a manful way. Good job. I bet this could be expanded if you wanted to. I liked the ending best.
Ann, I'm so glad to see this place so high in the rankings. Your writings and your stories are wonderful.
Congratulations on both your level placing and your EC award. The story reaches so many levels emotionally. So sad that so many of our young ones find themselves growing up before they are ready in time of war. Great writing about a very difficult subject.
Ann, this was a remarkable story, well-deserving of being in the winner's circle. Too bad there couldn't be more than one 1st! I don't like war stories, but this one was exceptional. You had the little kid grow up right before our eyes....Well told!...Blessings...Helen
I am so glad you are back.I have longed to read your work since I last read "Hit Or Miss" You never disappoint!