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I love this...especially the line from your title...I laughed out loud! I can just see your MC "hiding out".
Great story!
The title most definitely caught my eye and insisted that I read your story! I think you'll get a lot of reads because your title. I really enjoyed the MC's take on adulthood. Very realistic for a child. Great job, keep it up!
this story is precious!
An enjoyable story. Loved the MCs voice.
Once again, proof that southern slang wins these competitions. Most comments by the first readers are on this particular entry. I'm not a big fan of the "it sounds like Mark Twain wrote this so we have to praise it" line of thinking.

This is "definitely" a good entry, however, I don't think it is worthy of more than three times the amount of praises and responses as all the other entries.

Sorry, but that's just the way I am critiquing this entry; good, but too much emphasis on southern charm as the main draw here. Call me a Yankee if you must. LOL

A fun read!
not sure I detected all that much of a southern accent- I got the impression you were going more for the voice of a youngster who drops some of his words in the front.
This was a nice peek into the adult world as seen through the eyes of a kid. I liked it!
Good job.
Very witty written from a little boy perspective...."con grassmen" made me laugh out loud!
Great job, loved your POV. I could envision this as a true story. (I think it got lots of comments because it's good, not because it's "Mark Twain sounding".) Keep up the good work! (Loved the title)
I know of no children who want clothes for presents. Enjoyed this very much.

That's quite a title, all right! LOL But don't get bogged down on little stuff in your writing. You did a good job and although "puke" is not my favorite word, I still loved your enry!
You definitely did a good job of getting a typical little boy's viewpoint across, and the title was a real attention grabber.
Very cute! I adore the title and the child-voice. I had hidey places at Gramma's too. :)
This kid's a lot smarter than I was at his age. Very observant and able to know his mind. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing his hiding place and his insights; and found it all very, very believable.
I love your title and this honest little boy. Very good story;)
LOL! What a cute title-and I like how it fits in with the story. The ending showed the MC's age fairly well and covered child-like mind with simple honesty. Good job!
Your story brings to the forefront of my mind something I've struggled with for years. That being, I am always being forced to act as a mature adult when my natural tendency is to be a child. And another thing...when I was a child we were very poor and we wore clothes made from feed sacks. We kids were excited to get store bought clothes.