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Such delicate images! I loved this entry, and its title, and in particular, the flirting and petticoat images. Thank you for a beautiful piece of writing.
I really loved this. What do our children know, anyway? No matter how old we are, there's still a lot of youth remaining in the elderly. Great job, very creative.
This is absolutely wonderful!! I love the juxtaposition of the beautiful descriptions of spring with the musings of this lady who has spring in her heart. Beautiful--very well done.
You really wowed me with the delightful personification of the apple tree and the indomitable spirit of the old lady. Beautifully written and very creative.
Loved the imagery, from the moth in the glass jar, to the flirtatious apple tree, to the pink toe nails. I was expecting her to go a bit further than that... lipstick, blusher, push-up bra! But perhaps I'm underestimating how sick she is. Anyway the pink toenails mirrored the tree blossom and showed her indefatigable spirit.

Intense yet frilly; most enjoyable!

Is it my imagination, or do the lines form a picture of sorts of the little old lady?!
This is so good I hardly know where to start. It smacks of so many beautiful things and it flows when it's read aloud, as I did. You're an exceptionally good writer, did you know that?? Kudos. Very big time!
Wonderfully written, superb word choices and quite creative. Well done!
Wow, this was lovely. The imagery was incredible; your word choices were wonderful. Awesome piece!
The body may have aged but youth still reigned in the spirit...I like this little old young lady. Good job excellent writing!
Loved the attitude of this girl-at-heart! I wanted to cheer with her and then go and paint my toe nails! Very, very pretty piece.
So glad for the "petal paint"! The detail of nail polish makes this so very, bittersweet and real. Nicely done! I like how the title fits too!
:) Your poem made me smile. Thank you.
I could wrap myself up in is that wonderful! Takes my breath away, makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me sad, makes me happy.
YES! Let me be the first to congratulate you on another well-deserved EC. Go for it!
Oh! And let me be the second my friend! What a beautiful poem and I absolutely love the ending! Then again, the beginning and the middle were wonderful too! Well done! Congratulations!!!!
Rock On Eliza!! Beautiful AND a winner!
Beautifully expressed, what else can I say? A lot of thoughtful ponderings packed into this little poem. Well done and congratulations!
Excellent writing. Congrats on the well-deserved win.
Happy Dancin' for your win--almost as proud as if I'd written it myself, sweet Lady!
Poetry is so difficult for me to understand most of the time. I read this a few times to really grasp (I hope) the message. The woman gaining inspiration to live from the old apple tree that she is comparing herself to. It's beautiful. Inspirational.

Congrats on placing and your EC. Way to go my friend.
Delicious is the word that comes to mind. The woman comparing herself to a moth in a glass jar broke my heart. I've felt that way, even tho I 'm not confined to a bed in a home where I was "sent to die." The personification of the apple tree is superb! I absolutely love it. A gentle rhyming rhythm that isn't forced, beautiful language and word choice, just a touch of alliteration, make this poem a joy to read. And a happy ending, too! I give you an A. :D
Your work is so creative and is to be admired. The ability to say so much in so few words is truly a gift. Thank-you, too for all your kind works on my work - I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how appreciated it is. Loren
WOW! I love this! So glad I stopped by to take a look at your recent challenge entry.

Your style AND content are both captivating - very involving and inspiring. I have a feeling you cultivate deep soul-places and write from them. :-)
Wow, wow, wow. This was fantastic. I loved it. It more than desearved its place. Very talented. God bless.
You've used a gorgeous extended metaphor (the tree and the blushing school girl). I absolutely LOVE your style here, the format, your word choices, just everything. I loved the turn around in outlook of your MC, I could picture her with her polish! This is so very well done! Super congrats on your ribbon award, it's so very much deserved.