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Hats off for creativity. I certainly had no difficulty visualising the scene! I did feel however that your characters were a bit two-dimensional. Anyway thanks for a wonderfully animated story - I have never quite seen anything like it in FaithWriters.
Thanks. A breasth of fresh air for the children's story hour.
My daughter LOVED this. SO creative. I'm pretty sure this is a challenge first.

I definitely have to give you hats off and credits for such a creative piece! This is definitely a first for FW, I do believe, but I loved this short children's tale. This was lovely! Kudos to you!
Wow....that's so cool! Um, I thought the story kind of short and maybe could use a little more of a connected theme, but I also have no idea how long that took, so work!
When our boys were around 2-3 years old I used to read them a 'lift the flap' book, "Spot's walk in the woods". This delightful story takes me right back to those happy days with small children on my lap! This is just gorgeous, and pitched perfectly at very young children.
And the skill that must have gone into creating those pictures... fantastic!!
"It was a fun story! Now Fred can go to sleep and wake up and play tomorrow!" --Simon Slider, Age 6
I'm jealous. I want to be able to "compose" like that. You did a good job on the children's story and all it needs is a group of children sitting down and someone to show this story. Great teaching tool.
Also, I think it can be said that Spring was so well described with so few words.
Wonderfully done, however it was done.
Very cute.
Wow! How did you do that? I am very impressed:)
Definitely one of the most creative pieces I've seen...great job!
Can't wait to read this with my six year old grandson!
Way cool!
Cute and oh so cheerful! Just lovely.
At first I thought I was back on the forums, because of seeing the flower... you did a great job with this. VERY creative.
This is absolutely adorable! If you don't make some kind of a showing for this darling story, something is wrong! Can't wait to see where it places in the Writing Challenge. Laura
This is as creative as the word labyrinth you created a while back in intermediate. Great job then and now!
I think you need to create an entire web site of this kind of story. I'm certain the kinder and first grade teachers I work with will use them with their students. You have a depth of knowledge of technology and creativity that will bless many people.
I remembered this story and just looked it up to consul a fussy two-year-old. It worked like a charm. He loves it! Thanks!