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Well written. You managed to capture in poetic prose what I went through for years.

Realistic prose..."a strange thing happened on the way to hell." Hallelujah for devoted Christians!

One critique: sometimes the last two lines of a verse rhyme and other times not.

Very intense; good read.
My goodness, you gave us a lot to thing about! Your command of words, your deep conviction and your knowledge of Scripture came into play big time with this entry. Don't be surprised at a high placement.
Pretty intense. Lots to think about.
A poetic twist on the conversion of Saul - wonderfully presented and creatively done. I'm not too certain of the need for the references, but then they are impressive and helpful for further research and substantiation.
Wow. A lot of work certainly went into this piece-lots of stuff here to think about. Thanks for sharing!!
Wow. This really resonated with me. Well done.
Oh, if only we as a nation would turn back to God. If only we as Christians would stand firm on God's word.
If only "each one would reach one".
I believe you preached a sermon.