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Sweet story, literally and figuratively. I could feel the characters' emotions throughout.
You did a great job with the emotions here. I loved your girls. You told a beautiful story of friendship.
Wow, you gave us such strong hints about the personalities and back stories of these girls, in such subtle ways. Would love to know more, but enjoyed this glimpse I got.
Wow! What a great piece of writing. Super characcterization, dialogue and plot execution. I got lil confused in the middle, but read it again and figured it out. Great friends story. God bless.
Great story of friendship and great writing. Very well done!
This made me want to call my best friend from high school! The emotion shone through, and in a believable way. Seriously, oranges and cinnamon sugar? I gotta try that.
Love how gentle this story is and the example of how precious true friendships are. Special.
The dialogue is so real - so true to the feelings we have as teens. A perfect wrap up at the end as well. Excellently done.
Okay, you made me sniffle. I could really relate to this as we moved when I was 17 and fresh out of high school.
I loooovvve your writing. You have not only the heart of a writer, but your skills are spot on.
The characters, the scene, the dialogue were rich and believable. Thanks for a great story.
Woo Hoo, Sara!
great job Sara.. CONGRATS!
Good job!
Sara, I think this is possibly the best thing you ever written. You nailed the topic, and you sucked me into the hearts of these two bff's. Congrats on your HC - well deserved. :)